WoW! This place is amazing, truly worth a trip...or 6. Connor helped me to find exactly what I needed and had so much information to share with herbal alternatives to addictive substances. All the staff seems so passionate and present. Wonderful! Can't wait to try more.
The staff here really knows what their talking about and are friendly and welcoming. The selection of herbs is high quality and reasonably priced. There's a lot of other cool stuff in there too. Definitely my favorite herb shop in the Valley!
Love visiting the store, so refreshing, and my daughter loved Angel, he was very knowledgeable and helpful, he understood exactly what we wanted, I'll be back again and again.
Loved coming into the store, it was so refreshing, and Angel was a delight and very knowledgeable and helpful..Thanks guys, I'll be back.
WOah! They had all the resins and incense I could dream of! Perfect for rituals and solstice fun. The manager engaged kindly with me and educated me about copal, frankincense, and smudging. So lovely, time to smudge!
Awesome place with great products and nice customer service!
Not to quote Aladdin, but this diamond in the rough is definitely worth stopping by and checking out!
I just discovered this store this week, and I'm in love. The products are phenomenal and I'm really impressed. Everything is also super affordable which is the best part. The whole vibe you get when you walk in is comforting and warm! I purchased a bar of soap, a tub of raw African Shea butter, a packet of herbal tea, an incense burner, and some stones for less than $70. Super pleased and will be returning very soon.
I stumbled on this shop while wandering Mill Ave. The gal behind the counter had A LOT of information on herbs, oils, etc and you can tell she enjoys her job. Great environment and lots of amazing things to check out!
I accidently stumbled across this store, while I was attending the Tempe Festival Of The Arts. This is my new favorite holistic/herb store. The staff was very knowledgeable about the many herbs and oils that they carry along with their various uses. Prices were very reasonable. The store is definitely worth a visit.
Great little spot on mill. Along with herbs, they also support local artists. Friendly staff and very professional.
Love this place! Gets most of my essential oils and crystals here as well as the herb cigarettes. It's conveniently on Mill Ave but a little tucked away so you have to be looking for it if you've never been!
What a fun store! We had a great time and found some good finds here on our trip to Tempe. The girl working was so nice and helped us find all sorts of good things. They have fun stickers, cool triply clothing, and all sorts of herbal items. We bought some herbal cigarettes and kava extract that were both so relaxing. It's in a great area with other shops nearby too.
The staff are people who travel in my friend circles and there couldn't possibly be more wondrously magickal and knowledgable people to help you with any herbal needs here. The pricing is fantastic and the stock has a great variety. 10/10 would recommend
The Staff I interacted with were friendly and knowledgeable to the products. I highly recommend this store!
Very surprised at how well priced they are considering the quality of product they carry. It's amazing they don't charge more. Had an excellent shopping trip there. I'm not the kind of person who likes to be talked to when I'm in a store and I think the employee sensed that. She gave me space and didn't interrupt me. When I cashed out she was very gracious and friendly and answered my questions like she owned the store and knew everything about everything. I'll be taking a trip back soon with my girlfriends. Highly recommend!
Great customer service, Very informative and helpful when it comes to any questions your may have about specific herbs. Everybody that works here is wonderful!!